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Medical billing services in USA are not “one size fits all.” With different healthcare specialties such as dentistry, pain management, oncology, and others, it becomes crucial to find the right partner who understands your practice, specialty, and billing needs. At Panda Infosoft, we render comprehensive medical billing outsourcing services to all sizes of medical practices. We leverage simplified billing processes and transparent reporting tools for improved claim acceptance, faster reimbursements, and increased revenue. Let’s check how we help medical practices with end to end medical billing.


Why Outsource End To End Medical Billing Services In USA?

Medical billing is the lifeblood of your practice and is critical for its financial health and success. yet, almost routinely, healthcare providers are giving away their checkbooks to random companies as they frequently hire new people to handle their medical billing needs within their office. however, it is a time-consuming and expensive process to run an in-house medical billing team. Moreover, you will need to bear expenses for software, systems, and other perks & benefits. thus, in today’s world, medical billing outsourcing services seem to be the only logical choice to obtain better reimbursement, consistent cash flow, and regulatory compliances. At Panda Infosoft, we are the most preferred choice for end to end medical billing services in USA for the following reasons.

  • Specialty Focus

With trusted & certified medical billing experts, Panda Infosoft has been rendering medical billing outsourcing services for dentistry, chiropractic, family medicine, pain management, and other medical practices.

  • Integrated Technology

Panda Infosoft’s integrated cloud-based platform ensures that your front office, clinical and outsourced billing team are always on the same page.

  • Billing Efficiency

Our streamlined medical billing outsourcing services help you remain in sync with your biller to minimize claim rejection and denials: simplifying the billing process for quick reimbursements.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

Besides end to end medical billing in USA, our billing experts can handle your entire revenue cycle so you can collect more with no extra hustle-bustle.

  • Thrive Through Changes

As the ever-emerging healthcare regulatory environment continues to change your staff with compliance adherence and incentive programs, our medical billing outsourcing services expertise can become an invaluable resource.

  • Expand Your Practice

Whether you want to initiate a new practice, provider, or visit more patients, you can scale with our end to end medical billing services in USA. We can add resources immediately to ensure your continual success.

Need End To End Medical Billing Services? Get Started With Ease

end to end billing

At Panda Infosoft, we are aware of the ever-emerging complexities of rendering healthcare services that require personnel to meet all the reimbursements and regulatory changes. We offer low upfront costs, no long-term agreements, and the flexibility to leverage our medical billing outsourcing services at your convenience. Here’s how our medical billing services in USA streamline your healthcare practice.

  • Improve Cash Flow

Bringing expertise to claim submission and collection, we allow you to experience the best financial performance of your practice. Be it dentistry, cardiology, oncology, pain management, or general practice, our medical billing outsourcing services are aimed at improving cash flow and allow you to focus on clinical acumen rather than tackling business distractions.

  • Empower Your Practice

Outsourcing end to end medical billing services in USA doesn’t affect your authority. Our revenue cycle management team leverages advanced technology and tools to help you measure, monitor, and formulate plans to achieve financial goals.

  • Stay Connected

Our dedicated and certified billing experts and advanced software collect more of your reimbursements faster. Moreover, we provide you easy-to-read reports to track the performance of the revenue cycle. We keep you connected!

  • Adaptable As Required

One of the most significant benefits of our medical billing outsourcing services is that you can use them for long and short-term needs at your convenience. You can switch between our staff and yours, but reporting and transparency are guaranteed with our end to end medical billing.

  • Reporting & Analytics

Our robust reporting software provides you with timely, insightful financial analytics and customized medical billing reports that help you plan and roadmap and work towards maximizing the financial performance of your practice.

  • Expect More Than Medical Billing

With our end to end medical billing services in USA, you can expect us to handle your unpaid claims, appeals & secondary filings, exclusions & denials so you can focus on rendering quality patient care than finding ways to overcome these challenges.

Hiring Panda Infosoft for medical billing services in USA does keep you out of the loop. We offer you the best of both worlds: our dedicated in-house team of financial experts handles your medical billing while you maintain transparency throughout your practice’s financial performance.

Why Panda Infosoft Is Preferred Choice To Outsource End To End Medical Billing Services in USA?

Outsourcing end to end medical billing services in USA can be stress-free and efficient with Panda Infosoft. Here’s what makes us the best choice for medical billing services in USA:

  • ICD-10 Experts

The most valuable part of medical billing outsourcing services, our medical coders are proficient and certified in all the latest coding guidelines. Whether it is the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) or the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10-CM) coding system, we have professional coders having expertise in these. It helps us prevent claim denial and maintain our one-time correct record.

  • Accurate Cording

Whether accidentally or intentionally, medical billing and coding errors are the biggest reason for claim denials. While most coders either make under or over-coding errors, our medical coding professionals rarely make such mistakes. Also, we are capable of handling end to end medical services for different practices, including dentistry, oncology, cardiology, and pain management clinics.

  • Cyber Security

Are you concerned about the confidentiality of your patient details? Panda Infosoft offers medical billing outsourcing services via a secure network of computers. We receive, store and strategically transmit ePHI, eliminating the risk of data breaches. Also, we take necessary security measures to ensure document safety.

  • Physical Safety

Besides first-class cybersecurity, we follow strict on-premises safety procedures to safeguard ePHI, so the laptops and other systems remain in one place within a secure and protected environment. It takes care of IT safety measures necessary for medical billing outsourcing services.

  • AR Management

It is considered one of the most critical parts of our end to end medical billing services in USA. As a leading medical billing outsourcing services company, our goal is to extract payments from the bills resulting in minimum account receivables. Even though we do the best, denials still happen, and the situation changes to introduce appeals to the scenes.

  • HIPAA Security Assessment

We are a dutiful business associate offering medical billing outsourcing services in compliance with the HIPAA Security assessment. It is to follow in between, later, and before anything else. With years of experience in rendering end to end medical billing services in USA, we’ve learned to comply with all the security regulations in the healthcare industry.

  • Timely Reporting

Regardless of the complexities and challenges of the process, we will keep you in the loop. We will assign you a dedicated project manager who will update and assist you at every stage. Our manager will update you on the billing procedure through interactive reports promptly.

With these qualities, we assure and give you the reason to avail medical billing outsourcing services

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