HRM Panda

Succeed Through People

Empowering business and the people who drive it

Whether your company is just getting started, beginning to grow, or simply undergoing a process change, here at HRMPanda, you will get precise solutions for all your human resource needs from our wide range of human resource management services. The main focus of HRMPanda is working in collaboration with program managers to attract and recruit high-quality staff, whose skills are tested by the leading organizations and human resource managers in the world. HRMPanda strives to help people develop and grow in their desired careers, at the same time, contributes to the success of organizations by recruiting the right person that suits the company’s requirements perfectly.

Our team follows a proven strategy formulated by industry experts leveraging their expertise in working with various IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, Pharma, and Financial sectors. Meeting your organizational needs with highly-qualified and well-trained resources is what we love to do and are known for. We follow agile methodologies combined with modern techniques to shortlist and pre-screen candidates to pick the best to incorporate with your organization.Here at HRMPanda, we get all your needs in one place bringing all 3 elements together. Here’s how it goes!


The HRMPanda strategically improves your human resource practice, processes, and the way it attracts, retains, and encourages the highly-skilled people to be a part of your team. While sourcing the right candidate can increase revenue, maximize profitability, and streamline business functions, HRMPanda’s proven recruiting strategy includes the following attributes.

  • Human resource requirement assessments.
  • Legal requirements, research, and audit compliance.
  • Strategic staff planning and organization-level development.
  • Analyzing, identifying, and meeting the company’s resource requirements.
  • Custom job descriptions and advertisement
  • Reference verification and background check
  • Administrative Recordkeeping
  • Orientation and onboarding procedures
  • Performance management and disciplinary issues
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Documentation, exit interview, and checklist

Leveraging our years of experience of partnering with various companies, we conduct a proper training & development session to increase the value of your staff, capabilities, and overall productivity by providing them with the right tools and information they require to perform with the full potential. 

Here at HRMPanda, we customize training & development as per requirements. We start with an intro to understand your business needs and perform our best practice to meet your needs. 

As an integral part of our human resource management services, we educate, train, and provide your staff with all facilitation services, including;

  • Interviewing, communications, and hiring skills
  • New candidate orientation and policies
  • Customer service skills
  • Team building and co-working coaching
  • Performance management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Strategic planning
  • The customized training session, re-training session for HR professionals

Surviving in today’s competitive business environment, you need to understand and measure your targeted customers like & dislike about your product/services. Knowing what pleases and motivates employees as well as customers is critical in building a strong relationship, which gives you an edge over others. 

These insights help you retain employees, customers, and learn new ways to interact with new people while growing your business. Getting an edge by knowing your customer requirements is what makes you different. 

The HRMPanda can assist you with the following services.

  • Conducting employee and customer service satisfaction surveys periodically
  • Mystery shopping
  • Conducting employee and customer-centric groups
  • Improving relationships and working environment

 Besides maximizing performance with personalized and innovative solutions to improve your bottom line, we strive to unlock human potential in your staff and organizational circle.


Our Strengths

  • Huge Talent Pool

Throughout the practice, we have maintained a gradually growing IT and Non-IT candidate pool leveraging our wide recruiter’s network, our partnering with educational institutes, our job, and media portals. With the strength of our huge database, we meet all niche requirements professionally within a short turnaround time.

  • Our Technical Expertise

Being a leading IT solution and consulting firm, in world-class technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, SharePoint, .NET, and Azure, etc. we can identify and pre-screen the candidate based on his technical background.

  • Proven Industry-specific background

We analyze and identify your current and future staffing needs by calculating all parameters including technology, experience, relocation, travel time, cost, personal attributes, and professional capabilities, etc. 

  • Dedicated HR Professionals

To meet your needs better, we will assign you a dedicated HR manager who would be responsible for meeting your needs and communication.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Our advanced staffing portals work 24/7 to ensure seamless communication around the clock.