Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

Whether in the cloud or on-premises — data can answer all your questions and even escape you through the most critical business challenges. But how to visualize your data and extract actionable insights? Microsoft Power BI can transform your business-critical data into rich visuals that can be used to pave a path for success. Our Power BI Consulting Services stand on a foundation of experience and are led by industry experts. We provide expert training and consulting to strengthen your business teams. At Panda Infosoft, we offer comprehensive Power BI Consulting Services comprising software training, BI strategy formulation, development, and integration.


What Is Power BI?


Power BI is simply a high-end business intelligence and data visualization tool. It aims to collect data from different channels and transform them into interactive visuals. To simplify data analytics, even for beginners, Microsoft added an easy-to-use interface that allows users to create their analysis reports and dashboards.

Power BI comprises different software, apps, and connectors that come together to transform your abundant data into visually immersive, easy-to-understand, and concise visuals. It can collect data from cloud-based software, on-premises hybrid data warehouse, Azure SQL, and a traditional Microsoft Excel Sheet.

Our Power BI consulting services can help you leverage this powerful business intelligence in different ways to obtain valuable insights and implement them to achieve your organizational goals. Some unique benefits of Power BI include:

  • Interactive dashboard graphs and visualization
  • In-built analytics feature and columnar database
  • Excellent geo-mapping with Bing Maps
  • The best business intelligence tools in terms of performance
  • Data Analysis Expression (DAX) for creating measures and column

What Goes Into Power BI Training?

Visualization is the key feature of Power BI, extracting valuable insights from a business perspective. Though there are many tools for this purpose, Power BI gets an edge over them by transforming data into interactive visuals such as graphics, colors, tables, and infographics. Power BI can also run on multiple devices and update in real-time. Our Power BI consulting services will help you unlock its potential and work better for you.

Panda Infosoft is a leading Power BI consulting company that offers complete Power BI training customized to your employee and organizational needs. The training will elaborate on the basics such as Power BI desktop and how to collect data/insights using Power BI desktop. With our Power BI Consulting Services, you will learn:

  • How does Power BI transform data?
  • What does it mean to transform data in Power BI?
  • How to become proficient with Power BI consulting?
  • How to create custom data visualization and style reports for data visualization?
  • How to share data with Power BI?
  • How to connect Power BI with Microsoft excel?

Power BI Consulting Services In The USA


How can you make result-driven business decisions without having accurate data that measures and brings what truly matters? Apparently, you will be using Power BI to obtain actionable insights from data. With our Power BI Consulting Services, we can help you extract valuable information from your data and enhance your data exploration capabilities.

Our Power BI Consulting Services will help you learn how to consume and analyze massive data through interactive dashboards, easy-to-understand reports, and impressive visuals. We do more than just creating reports and giving lectures. Our Power BI consulting services include:

1. Power BI Planning and Consultation

  • Analyzing the need for BI
  • Data analysis
  • BI plan & strategy
  • Data warehouse
  • Tool selection

2. Power BI Designing & Visualization

  • Creative visualization charts
  • Dashboard designing
  • Charting library
  • User-centric designs
  • Report making

3. Power BI Development & Implementation

  • Microsoft BI
  • Analytical reports
  • Analytical reports

4. Quality Analysis & Support

  • ETL QA/Verification
  • Data load testing
  • Data uniformity testing
  • BI report testing
  • 24/7 SLA support

5. Power BI Integration Services

  • Power Apps
  • MS Power Automations
  • Dynamic 365
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Azure
  • GitHub
  • SharePoint
  • Google Analytics

Why Choose Panda Infosoft?


Power BI consulting services are not everyone’s cup of tea. At Panda Infosoft, we have Power BI experts, visualization architects, and analytics developers to help you make the most out of this superb business intelligence tool.

The USP of our Power BI Consulting Services is their aim to revolutionize the ease of access for the average business user. We aim to help all sizes of businesses to discover meaningful insights from their data using the Power BI tool. With our Power BI consulting services, you will no longer need a full-time IT professional to create & analyze reports. Our professional consultants have extensive experience in the adoption and customization of Power BI. They can help you overcome all the challenges on the way to accomplish your organizational goals. We are the most preferred partner for Power BI consulting services because we have:

  • Custom approach to each client regardless of the size or industry type
  • Advanced customization tailored for your team and its needs
  • Individual approach to the key people in the organization, including CEOs and Managers
  • Years of experience in database design, business intelligence, ETL, and analytics
  • Comprehensive PowerPoint consulting services, including data analytics
  • In-house consulting and integration team
  • Power BI Consulting services virtually anywhere in the world
  • Timely training to help your team doing better every day

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