We are always looking out for skilled employees!

  • Our Client-focused Approach

To Panda Infosoft, it’s beyond work – we are proud of the advanced solutions we deliver to meet the client’s requirements. We take inspiration and encourage each of us to work collaboratively to achieve excellence in all aspects and work tirelessly until the project’s high standards are set within our organization. We follow agile methodologies and leverage high-end technology to provide best-in-class services aligned to shape your organization by improving the bottom line and streamlining business operations. Our services are designed and delivered by experts with vast knowledge in their respective areas. Visit the about us page to see how we bring your efforts into existence.

  • Our Unique Abilities

Leveraging our decades of practice, we have developed the ability to offer world-class services that are unmatched by others. Being a leading IT company, we focus on design and develop highly-scalable websites that are attractive, SEO optimized, and user and mobile-friendly

To deliver the best web-based applications, we solely rely on our custom-build rapid action application development framework designed by our certified coders and developers.

We have a complete suite of components and tools that enable us to instantly add features to your web-based app or website. For instance, if your website needs forum software, we can plug in the right software with just one-line code leveraging our state-of-the-art technology.

Leveraging our huge talent pool and scalable recruiting software, we can get the right candidate to meet your needs. We offer staffing solutions to a wide range of industries including healthcare, IT, finance, and hospitality, etc.

Our unique approach to providing revenue cycle management to increase efficiency and make your medical practice smooth, allows you to focus on what’s more important, of course, the patient care.

  • Quality of Offerings

Quality is the word we often use to describe the excellence of services, but here, we actually mean it. At Panda Infosoft, each project, be it large or small, is assigned to a dedicated quality control team.

Before deploying any project, the quality controller reviews the website, application, and other services to ensure comfort to all standards and policies agreed earlier. Additionally, we encourage our web designers & developers, HR professionals, and IT experts to unlock their maximum potential to contribute to the success and growth of our customers.

To revamp health technologies and services, we have a professional team of certified medical billing and coders bound to improve your medical practice by rendering best-in-class revenue cycle management and other medical practice related solutions.

  • Seamless Support

Not today, nor tomorrow, we will be here for you forever. We are not just another IT company. We have seen the rise and dawn of many companies and took inspiration from them to be steady and solid in the industry by offering world-class services at competitive prices without compromising quality.

By default, all applications and other services rendered by the panda Infosoft have free support for bugs and errors. With a digital support system, we ensure seamless communication to resolve all customer queries as soon as possible.

Personalized patient care is what sets Medicus Medical Center apart. When you visit one of our four San Francisco campus locations you can expect to receive world-class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.